How To Build a Small Business Niche Website

Building websites for small businesses can be profiting on it’s own – turning one into a targeted niche website gives it an even more diverse function. This allows someone to earn residual income. Share a fish with a man & he eats for the day ; teach a man to fish & he shall eat for life. This is a philosophy that I strongly believe in & do my best to share my common wealth of knowledge with the world.

What Do I need / Where To Get Started?

Your mind is most likely clouded with questions & misdirection – what is actually involved with building / developing a website? This used to be a complex frontier that even programmers feared – today it’s much less complex. A website can be set up using a number of free & paid third-party services. To make this process even simpler here’s a resource list of : 5 Resources You Could Use to Build / Develop a New Website –

  • Domain name / Free* sub-domain – You can purchase your own domain name or use a free* sub-domain ; such as the one provided by WordPress.
  • Email Address – An email address is an essential part of registering any kind of account online, which you’ll need to do if you’re setting up a website. Google provides free* Gmail accounts.
  • Hosting / Free* hosting – Hosting is a necessary component of having a website, somewhere to put it. WordPress provides free* limited hosting.
  • Social media pages – Social media isn’t really a necessary part of having a website, but it definitely helps. Viewers have to come from somewhere don’t they?
  • Website logo – Another unnecessary component, yet certainly useful & enticing for website visitors.

free* – The word free, especially when found on the internet, is usually never to be found true. Free services listed in this article are all but that, limited in the features they offer unless you pay to upgrade, yet with paid updates these limitations are lifted. Take advantage of free resources offered, but don’t rely too heavily on them.

What Kind of Business Benefits From a Niche Website?

There’s a niche for everything & usually there’s a business to be found to meet the demands of that market. This is even more true when it comes to a “Niche Website” – so how would a small business benefit from a Niche Website? Establishing an online presence opens up the doors to more than just walk-ins, suddenly there’s an international marketplace on the other side of the screen.

For more inspiration take a look at this : 27 Niche Website Ideas, Examples & Case Studies [money making tips]

Now, take a look outside, what businesses & storefronts can you see? Mostly all of these businesses don’t even have a website & if they do, it’s probably not exactly a niche website – so what makes something a “niche website” ? – Speaking in broader terms, it’s generally a website that’s targeting a global audience with a general interest. Where-as, small businesses are most likely to have a portfolio website with poor SEO, or no website whatsoever. Some simple target marketing can go a long way – identify which businesses in your local area could benefit from a new website, or an update. Approach them in person & be personable, show them you’re more than just some name on a screen.

How To Monetize a Niche Website for a Small Business

Advertising seems to be the first place the mind goes when it thinks of methods for monetization. We can get a little more creative when combining a small business with a niche website, since there’s a storefront & all the fancy business acquisitions that come along with that. Such as wholesalers catalogs full of products ready to sell at the click of a button. There’s even the opportunity for direct affiliate commission (which is how I generate most of my online revenue) – or even better yet lead generation for services rendered by the business.

For example : Orcas.Tech is a website I’m currently developing for a local tech store on Orcas Island, WA. They offer books, consumer electronics, DVD rentals, tech support & much more. The website is set up as an affiliate based e-commerce platform, mostly based off of Amazon. A fairly simple website overall, yet gives customers a look at what we carry in the store & provides them with the best price comparison that we can find online, with the direct link on where to purchase. There’s no plans for advertising directly on the website beyond the affiliate links, yet that could change as the website evolves.


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