5 Resources You Could Use to Build / Develop a New Website

When building a new website it’s helpful to have some resources handy – these are all resources that I personally use when building/developing a new website. Hosting, email, social media & content management are the more essential parts of the puzzle. These 5 resources could prove to be useful if you’re building a new website – at least they have been for me.

1. Domain & Hosting

I’m going to compile the domain name & hosting under the same resource, as in my experience it’s easier to manage the website from a centralized dashboard. When setting up a new website I don’t expect a heavy flow of traffic, which usually means I’m looking for the best value. From my experience NameCheap is one of the best value service providers around. If you’re looking for a high end hosting experience check out :

DreamHost provides an extensive user experience, going above & beyond with customer service & offering unlimited hosting plans that allow you to manage any capacity of traffic. I’ve worked with DreamHost on larger client projects in the past & have never been disappointed in my personal experience.

Regardless of what service provider you end up with – all you really need is hosting & a domain name. The two resources listed above will both provide you with what you need. If you want you can also choose to go through a local ISP provider for website hosting on a server closer to home.

2. Content Management System (CMS)

What are you going to do with all of the content for your new website? A content management system is an integral part of the process. You could develop the website from scratch, it’s just a lot easier to use a CMS such as ; Joomla, Shopify, WordPress & dozens of other free / paid platforms.

I’ve used WordPress pretty loyally for the most part, it’s user friendly & anything can be accomplished with the right plugins. The experience on it’s own can be limiting if you’re only using the free resources. Paid resources will allow for some dynamic features that seem limitless. If for some reason that’s still not enough for you, there’s plenty of other dynamic options still available. Research versatile CMS platforms if you have specific needs for your new website.

3. A Website Logo – Brand Identity

What sets your website apart from the next one? Powerful brand identity will provide you with just that. It’s not entirely a necessary component for a new website, yet I strongly recommend it.

You don’t have to go all out with creating a website logo, complex logos can sometimes distract viewers, simplicity is key. If you’re not feeling creative, or simply don’t know how to create a logo, head over to Fiverr & get one made for $5 –

4. Social Media Integration

While social media isn’t exactly the same as a new website, it can still prove to be a powerful resource. Integrating social media provides powerful links that will drive traffic to your website in the long run – using brand identity across the internet helps establish brand loyalty amongst the online community. This is when it becomes important to manage time on the internet – luckily I already wrote an article about this.

Set up professional pages to represent your new website on whatever social media pages you prefer. Or if you already have a social media presence repurpose it to promote your website by integrating your brand identity & linking back to your website.

5. Professional Theme / Professional Design

Maybe you’ve found designing a website to be more of a challenge than originally anticipated, or perhaps you just want a more professional look. This is when themes & pre-designed layouts come in handy – there’s normally a theme to match the style you have in mind & if there’s not, you can always hire a designer. I’d strongly recommend the team over at home-base / NFolded.com for website design – 

So what are you waiting for? Go buy your domain name & start setting up a brand new website & add your business to the realm of the internet ~


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