Selling Used Books Online for a Profit

Everyone can appreciate a good bookstore, yet they’re seemingly few & small in-between, falling victim to modern society & digital technology (kindle…) – Yet there’s still value in the paper, the traditional value of information. Why not make a couple bucks selling used books for a profit? Don’t know where to get used books, try the library, thrift shops, garage sales, or check your bookshelf for titles you don’t pay attention to anymore. If there’s a bulk selection of semi-decent titles offer a discounted price for the lot. There’s even handy mobile-apps that make it easy to compare the price of the title online & see if it’s selling.

Where do we Start W/ Selling Used Books Online?

With competitive markets like dominating the e-commerce industry it’s tough to sell anything. Social media is proving to be a useful asset that’s helping these small businesses stay afloat, some of them even somewhat successful. Why not start an online book store? There’s millions, if not billions, of books already in publication & most of them are sitting on shelves. It seems the traditional aspect of reading words on paper has been lost to the digital age – We could use a bit of inspiration to make it a popular pass-time. Dig up some old book collections & start an online treasure chest today, selling used books online!

I find it appropriate selling used books online thru WordPress – It may seem a bit hypocritical at first, regardless, it gets the job done! The simple dashboard creates for stress free work environment that even computer illiterate can comprehend. It’s not entirely necessary to even have a website, but it can certainly help. A website will provide customers a portal to browse your collection, check out & process payments online. Alternatively you can promote directly thru social media & accept payments with PayPal / Venmo / Square or an alternative third party payment platform.

There’s even mobile applications & websites that will help you price your used books appropriately. provides a powerful database that will compare prices with 50+ websites that sell used books online. They even have a mobile application that allows you to check books on the fly!

Get the Word Out / Promote Your New Business –

Read all about it! Read all about it! – That’s what people want to do, you just have to find the people. There’s several avenues of promoting your new business online, social media is probably the most popular option. For example Instagram has popular hashtags such as #Bookstagram (12 million+ posts) & the Comic Book Collecting group on Facebook (120k+ members) & dozens of other social media outlets. Make sure you’re following the ToS & Conditions of each platform, most of them allow for ecommerce promotion with minimal regulation. It’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t lose your promotional outlets by not following the rules.

You can also promote your new business offline – maybe even find a local storefront with enough extra space for a used book shelf – or at least get some flyers out into the local community. Don’t exclude yourself to online sales, offline sales are just as tangible & they don’t require shipping. Maybe set up a bookstore at the local farmers market, or out of the back of your pickup truck? It honestly seems like a more tangible business opportunity than most of the theories I’ve read about lately for various ways to make money online.

Check out the book collection at Orcas.Tech – it’s a tedious process, but we’re working on archiving 25,000+ titles that they currently have in their collection. You can obviously start with A LOT less, this was just to help with perspective ~

Sell Used Books Using an Affiliate

It doesn’t even take a hefty book collection to start selling used books online. You can start selling books thru an affiliate, such as Amazon Affiliates, or dozens of other online bookstores with seemingly endless archives. You can also offer your buyers the alternative of buying your used books thru an affiliate – if the book you’re offering isn’t in premium condition, or doesn’t meet the buyers request. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some extra cash online – (write an article on this)



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