Why You Should Have Invested in Ethereum Last Month

I’ve been playing with Ethereum lightly over the last three months – during the last month I’ve noticed some major changes on the blockchain market. I feel as if I’ve been shouting from rooftops for my friends & family to invest in ETH, alas to no avail. If you’ve missed the opportunity to invest in the last 30 days you’re most likely going to be kicking yourself at the end of this article (& hopefully investing, better late to the game than never) –

Market Analysis for the Last 30 Days :

First of all, what has happened in the blockchain spectrum of reality over the last 30 days? A major change that took place was the blockchain fork, splitting the currency into two functioning components essentially. ETC (Ethereum Classic) gained some dignity on the market – which symbiotically raised the overall value of ETH.

Ethereum Price Chart July 6 - Aug 6 2017

When you take a look at this 30 day segment of the chat there’s not much room for growth, especially if you’re looking at the start to finish. However, I’ve been using a 20-12 strategy with trading back & forth with ETH & BTC. I’ll trade out if I see a 20% gain on the market & I’ll trade back in if there’s a 12% loss. This is a pattern that’s impossible to predict, it can happen within a few minutes (or seconds like the 10 cent ETH crash) – However this month these trades were made out over a duration of several days, yet still fairly prosperous.

The next graph we’re taking a look at is the amount & popularity of trades that took place since ETH came to market in 2015 – You’ll notice a dramatic increase in overall trades in the last few months, in comparison to the rest of the time it’s been on market. Apparently it’s becoming a popular & tangible investment that has proved it’s worth ten fold, if not more. Can we expect the graphs to continue to grow like this? Definitely, most likely, probably… Who knows, but I certainly hope so!

Ethereum Transaction Chart Why YOU Should Have Invested in ETH Last Month (you still can, it’s not to late) –

As you can see from the first graph there were several ups & downs on the market, several that fit the 20-12 algorithm I’ve been experimenting with. If you’re keen to investment opportunities & know a thing or two about day-trading / stocks, than you may already be on the up & up. However it doesn’t take an engineer or economy degree to get invest in a blockchain. There’s dozens of third party applications for securing these digital assets, some more secure / user friendly compared to others.

Setting up a blockchain wallet has been simplified enough for even the simplest of minds. Only a lack of trust in the system seems to be a tangible excuse in my book. I can’t blame some of the “OG / Old School” folk to be weary of the new wave of a technology based economy. I’m honestly skeptical to a certain degree – however I’m much more skeptical of the $USD – a blockchain currency seems like the more realistic choice.

If you’re looking for guidance on getting started with the blockchain currency, or if you’re just looking for some additional resources sign up for the Folding Dollar Bills Newsletter – I plan on writing A LOT more ~


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