Earn Some Extra Coffee Change with SwagBucks

Internet marketing is such a turmoil, you have to manage accounts, run analytics & follow strict terms & conditions set by third parties. SwagBucks is a versatile reward platform that pays “points” for completing simple tasks. Completing surveys, searching the web, shopping online & even playing games are all legit methods of earning with SwagBucks. The only downside – you’re probably not gonna earn anything more than coffee change with this platform. 

10 Minutes a Day for $10 a Month –

Wait a minute – that’s 5 hours of work for merely $10, that doesn’t really seem worth it…

It’s not always about the value received for your time, rather the experience. Spending 10 minutes a day completing simple tasks can help get you into the flow of managing time on the internet. This can be helpful for those new to making money with the internet, or perfect for someone just looking to earn a couple extra bucks while on lunch break. There’s dozens of resources available to those looking to make money online, SwagBucks is honestly one of the less prosperous resources, but it can still be fun.

There’s plenty of ways to earn with SwagBucks – I normally focus on the daily task bar, taking a few minutes to complete the more rewarding offers. To help you better understand the simplicity & diversity of SwagBucks here’s a brief overview of the earning methods :

  • Search & earn
  • Watch Videos
  • Complete Simple Surveys
  • Complete “Gold” Surveys
  • Daily Tasks Bar
  • “Swag Codes”
  • Shop & earn
  • Refer & earn

Let’s spend some time talking about the “refer & earn” reward method, as this is obviously a post promoting this platform to gain referrals. This is actually a proven & working method, which could end up with your monthly earnings being more than $10 (although not much more, you’re spending less time & earning more) – SwagBucks will pay you 10% of what your referrals earn (up to 500 points / $5) – This doesn’t seem like much, but if you refer someone that earns $10 / month, you’ll make an additional $1 / month for the next 5 months – a small stream of residual income could be the inspiration you need to take your career online to the next level.


How to Earn More Money & Waste Less Time

This article obviously isn’t about making a “living” or earning any substantial amounts, that doesn’t change our overall goal of making money with the internet though. It’s important to understand how internet marketing works – SwagBucks is a great introduction for that, for several reasons. Firstly, it’s not a demanding project, you don’t need to update or add new content on a daily basis, it’s just a pass-time. Secondly, this is an affiliate based / paid platform, all revenue generated through SwagBucks comes from third party advertisers, this should give you a solid idea of how affiliate marketing works. Last but not least, this is a great way to practice your time management & learn how to juggle tasks while on the web.

Once you get a solid foundation for how internet marketing works dive in, explore other methods that are “worth” more for your time. Our entire website is dedicated to making money with the internet, sign up for our newsletter & explore some of our other blog posts. Who knows, you may find something actually worth your time.


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