Folding Dollar Bills is just as much of a hobby as is actually folding dollar bills – except this isn’t really folding dollar bills, it’s simply a metaphor for making money on the internet. This is a curation of content from the team over at NFolded.com – This project has originated on the basis of free-time & how we can use it to make some money . . . online!

There’s plenty of resource websites, probably a few too many. Our goal is to stand out from the crowd with unique content, engaging community interactions, offline / real-time events w/ special guests & much more.

Of course, we still have to pay tribute to the traditional origami designs & dollar bill folds that have inspired us on our journey through the digital age. We’ll occasionally post unique & traditional origami designs, diagrams & resources. You can also purchase unique origami charms in our e-commerce section of the website : storefront.