Earn Some Extra Coffee Change with SwagBucks

Internet marketing is such a turmoil, you have to manage accounts, run analytics & follow strict terms & conditions set by third parties. SwagBucks is a versatile reward platform that pays “points” for completing simple tasks. Completing surveys, searching the web, shopping online & even playing games are all legit methods of earning with SwagBucks. The only downside – you’re probably not gonna earn anything more than coffee change with this platform. 

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Selling Used Books Online for a Profit

Everyone can appreciate a good bookstore, yet they’re seemingly few & small in-between, falling victim to modern society & digital technology (kindle…) – Yet there’s still value in the paper, the traditional value of information. Why not make a couple bucks selling used books for a profit? Don’t know where to get used books, try the library, thrift shops, garage sales, or check your bookshelf for titles you don’t pay attention to anymore. If there’s a bulk selection of semi-decent titles offer a discounted price for the lot. There’s even handy mobile-apps that make it easy to compare the price of the title online & see if it’s selling.

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5 Resources You Could Use to Build / Develop a New Website

When building a new website it’s helpful to have some resources handy – these are all resources that I personally use when building/developing a new website. Hosting, email, social media & content management are the more essential parts of the puzzle. These 5 resources could prove to be useful if you’re building a new website – at least they have been for me.

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How To Build a Small Business Niche Website

Building websites for small businesses can be profiting on it’s own – turning one into a targeted niche website gives it an even more diverse function. This allows someone to earn residual income. Share a fish with a man & he eats for the day ; teach a man to fish & he shall eat for life. This is a philosophy that I strongly believe in & do my best to share my common wealth of knowledge with the world.

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Managing Time on the Internet

Managing your time online is critical – minimize the amount you stare at the screen & spend more time exploring the world that surrounds you. This means you need to strategize your time – make the internet work for you. This simple trick can & will allow you to pursue your dreams. Before we dive into quantum theories of time travel we need to remember one simple thing ; WE ARE STILL HUMAN. Don’t submit your entire life to the internet for minimalistic rewards – instead submit minimalistic time to the online & set your goals for maximum gains.

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